Full container load (FCL) ocean freight

I-CONT guarantees fast and professional handling of full container loads as its FCL ocean freight transportation service.

Our educated professionals with a wide range of experience take care of your freight during the whole process of shipping.

Regarding container freight, our company has a 2400 TEU annual reference.

As a trusted ocean freight transportation provider, I-CONT performs your orders from or to any port on the globe - according to the direction of shipment - professionally

Thanks to our well-established network of partners:

  • We offer the best combination of expenses and transit time
  • We offer flexible scheduling
  • We transport at competitive prices
  • We take care of all the necessary documentation
  • We ship your freight from or to any place on Earth
  • Our estimates include all additional cost (BAF, CAF, THC etc.)

Our specialities:

  • FCL (20’/40’) full container load shipments of import or export, to and from any location
  • Railway or vehicular under-carriage or even transferred tilt/box trailers from the ports of Hamburg, Trieste, Koper, Piraeus
  • Transport and handling of 45'-containers

Railway and road pick-up and delivery of ocean containers

Regardless of their export or import direction, I-CONT manages the railway or road pick-ups and deliveries of the containers shipped to port of arriving from there according to your needs. You just name the delivery or pick-up port and can let us do the rest!

We ensure environment-friendly railway services that is your best choice in case the delivery of the containers is not urgent.

Its advantage is being more economical than direct under-carriage solutions.

Daily train departures from the ports of Koper and Hamburg to Hungarian terminals (MAHART, BILK, TÖRÖKBÁLINT)

Your best choice is a direct under-carriage solution in case time is a crucial factor.

Thanks to our well-established connections with local transportation and delivery services providers, we provide services of international quality standards thus enable our clients to ship their containers to or from any port within a short time.

Its advantage is that is faster than railway transportation.

In case you have any questions, please contact your local I-CONT representative, who will be glad to be at your assistance.

(FTL) transportation of full truck loads:

Regardless of the volume of the load, we ship it to its destination on an optimal-size vehicle.

Most of our carriages deliver to Western-European countries export and import directions, however, no matter where on Earth your destination is, your goods will be delivered in time and safety.

I-CONT provides a wide range of services regarding FTL road transportation:

  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Tracking and tracing of the goods (we provide information about the actual location of the goods in real time)
  • Thanks to our long-term relations with local transportation and delivery service providers, we guarantee the highest standards of quality.
  • Truck trailers are equipped by GPS devices to ensure greater safety.
  • We provide freight-protection all through the process of shipment so that the product arrives at its destination in its optimal condition.
  • Our vehicles are in impeccable condition both technically and aesthetically. All automotive of I-CONT are equipped by GPS devices so that they provide real-time information about the actual location of the freight.
  • We manage the acquisition of necessary route licences and customs documentation.

For further information about any of our services please contact our local I-CONT representative.

Customs services

  • Import customs clearance by AIS normal process
  • Export customs clearance by AES normal process
  • ATR, EUR1 issue
  • Authorized sender (T1) and addressee status (TIR.T1)
  • Issuing T1, T2L
  • Indirect customs clearance
  • Temporary storage service

Procedure 42

Valid for eu only

Benefits for importers

  • No need to pay VAT at import to EU; only custom duties (if applicable)
  • Significantly improves importers cash flow, only need to cover customs duties
  • Fiscal customs clearance can be on simplified procedures (HU only)

If you import 10 containers per month and average value of goods is EUR 30.000 your cash flow would increase for *132.000 EUR. This are your liquid assets being used for crediting your country. * Calculation is based on 22% VAT and VAT return time of 60 days

What do I need as an Importer to use Procedure 42 for my containers?

  • valid EORI and VAT ID numbers
  • authorization for customs and tax representation to the customs broker
  • the submission of additional documentation upon the customs broker’s request
  • must demand customs clearance under procedure 42 upon import
  • the import invoice must indicate where the shipment is going and who the final user is

What is Procedure 42?

For goods imported and released for free circulation in a Member State, VAT is payable in the said Member State. If it is known upon import that the goods imported are going to another Member State, VAT is paid/charged in the Member State of final destination. The goods are exempt from the payment of import VAT on the basis that the import is followed by a tax-free intra-Community supply or transfer of goods to another Member State.


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